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, an exceptional vending machine service company.

Vending R' Us

  gives businesses in the Metropolitian Detroit area a wide range of coin vending machines options to choose from along with providing coffee service, water service and catering service.
We specialize in snack machines, soda machines, juice machines, food machines, coffee machines, water machines and catering service. We offer a large variety of products including coffee products for office meetings, canned soda, bottled soda, candy, snacks, cold food, coffee, water, and milk. We also supply many items not usually seen in vending machines, including deli-style sandwiches, home-made desserts, and the freshest fruits and vegetables.

The Challenge:

To provide the highest quality and widest range of vending services to an increasing number of customers at a reasonable cost.

Our Goal:

Vending R Us

 goal is to help keep pace with current demand and expansion, while simultaneously increasing customer satisfaction and confidence, vending sales and product variety while adapting to the future growth of your company.

Vending R' Us

 is committed to customer satisfaction by providing reliable machines, fresh snacks and excellent service.

Vending R' Us

  specializes in


. Trust

Vending R' Us

  as your supplier for candy/snack vending machines, soda vending machines, food machines, coffee machines and superb service.

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Vending R' Us

 is that we are committed to serving our customers around the clock. Our service technicians are on call 24 hours 7 days a week to make sure your company is continually satisfied.
If you are not satisfied with your current vending service or feel that your company is in need of new vending service, please contact us for a free 20 minute site survey of your location. We will create a vending program especially designed for your businesses personal needs. Let us know how we may serve you!

Vending R' Us

extensive variety, combined with our exceptional service make us an unbeatable choice. Contact us today Contact Us!.
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